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[Image: Gif of actor David Tennant in a movie hugging a picture while he sits on the floor sobbing.]

I actually think I’m crying

this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life

I can’t even PROCESS how great the casting is

the best one by far is their suggestion for Faith Lehane: Naya. Rivera. 

Do you know how many lady boners I just had? The answer is INFINITY.

Naya Rivera as Faith.  Hot Cop as Spike.

Antonia Thomas.

They NEED to make Buffy again now, with these people.

Ugh some day I’m gonna get rich and finance the fuck out of this.

Now I kind of want to do this for myself and maybe racebend Angel or Firefly or anything else. Wonderful casting! 

If they ever remake BTVS, I hope they’ll do things like this. Especially since the entire show is set in Southern California and frankly, anyone who casts a nearly all white cast in California gets serious side eye from me. 

i’d watch this.

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    This is actually pretty cool. Don’t agree with every swap, but it’s still pretty cool!
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    Holy SHIT this is amazing. Xander and Oz couldn’t be more perfect. THIS IS EVERYTHING I WANTED BUT NEVER EVEN KNEW I...
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    And I’m gonna be the end of the happy comments. I’m sorry, Buffy is fucking Buffy. This would make me crazy- i don’t...
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    This…. Needs to fucking happen. Right now. Fuck.
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    This is so amazing. I would watch this if it got made, the casting choices are BRILLIANT! And the explanations are...
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    … holy shit, that casting is actually fucking flawless.
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    I’d watch this in the theatre. Hell yeah.
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    i’d watch this.
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    WHAT? Wait, are they re-doing the movie or the show into a movie? If it’s the movie, well none of this makes sense then....
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    This is a pretty excellent recasting of Buffy. Although I do not buy Selena Gomez as Anya AT ALL, the rest are...
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    Good point about Ms Calender being Romani. Don’t know Robia’s background but the character’s…. good point. And I didn’t...
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    Damn this is good casting.
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    ihavechortles | telegantmess | madamethursday | astationaryjew | anedumacation: Ditto to the above comment. I was very...
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    Okay I like the look of most of these, but the suggestion for principal Wood suggests that this is also making non-white...
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